Express Yourself

Support Your Favorite Team

Show Your Patriotism

...Or Just Get Out Of The Rain!

Flying flags is a great way to speak your mind, show pride, send a message, make a statement, or let it all hang out. Almost anything and everything is graphically depicted on flags. Sometimes you just can't say it enough because there isn't a flagpole high enough. A 150 ft. high flagpole would cost a fortune. There's a better way!

FlagKites are a component kite system that uses 3'x5' flags as the sail component of the kite. A patented frame harmlessly attaches to the back side of the flags, turning these most common size flags into great flying kites in an instant. The flags are easily removed and changed in seconds.

It's The Extreme Flagpole!



  • Flags Attach to a Frame
  • Will Not Harm Your Flags
  • Change Flags in Seconds
  • No Assembly Required
  • Any Team Any Sport
  • Themes Galore
  • Opens Like an Umbrella
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