Fly your Company colors at
grand openings and corporate
functions for all to see!

"I yam wot I yam, and that's all that I yam!"
       Popeye the Sailor Man

We first developed FlagKites as a means to express spirit for our favorite sports teams, high in the sky like an aerial billboard or an air-o-gram. We knew that if we could make flags fly as a kite, we would overcome the headaches of graphics design, licensing, and sail making. As we developed the kites to fly extremely well, it quickly became apparent that endless graphics are available. There is so much theme variety on flags and literally something for everyone. Be as conservative or liberal, right wing or left wing, as you want. Support diversity in kite flying. "I feel like letting my freak flag fly" -- CSNY

Not being the most business oriented individuals, a more natural course for us to follow is to let someone else do the manufacturing, so we can concentrate on perfecting and promoting the kites. We are pleased New Tech Kites is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of our kites. We hope FlagKites enhance your life.

                                                                                            Bob Bross
                                                                                            & Bud

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"Shift work is the mutha of invention."
"Drop the stress.
It'll happ'n when it happ'ns.
To force it would force it to resist you."
"It's just a wing in a controlled stall"
Uncle Jimmy