Attaching a flag:

Choose a flag for the frame.

Attach top right corner first.

Attach bottom right corner second.

Attach top left corner third.

Attach bottom left corner fourth.

Attach bottom middle fifth.

Attach top middle sixth.

Flag is taut and balanced on
the frame. Your Ready to Fly!

Opens and closes like an umbrella!

Holding the rigging cap,
grasp the center hub.

Slide the center hub down
towards the flag.

Bottom the center hub.

Tighten the kingpost
retaining screw.

Attach the fly line and go
fly your FlagKite!

What makes FlagKites different than other kites?
Three major features make FlagKites distinctly novel. One feature is 3’x5’ flags (custom panels also) are used as the sail component. Just think of all the graphics available! The second is the ability to remove and change the sail. You can have a number of different flags and change the look of your kite at will. The frames are an alternative flag pole. Thirdly, the kites open and close like an umbrella, making them very easy to operate and store. They even work great as an umbrella.
Is it legal to make officially licensed flags into kites?
Yes, with the FlagKite system, it is. Since the frames and flags are sold separately and no alterations are made to the flags, it’s totally legal. It’s simply one product that compliments another, as a flag pole to a flag.
Is it ethical to make patriotic flags (Stars and Stripes, etc.) into a kite?
It’s a matter of opinion. Some may call it desecration, while others call it glorification. It doesn’t harm the flags in any way, and they are absolutely beautiful up in the blue sky.
Where can FlagKites be purchased?

Most kite shops, flag stores, and many other retail outlets. There are some retailers mentioned on the links portion of New Tech Kites web site. Retailers can contact New Tech Kites to purchase them. you can also visit our online store at
Where can flags that will fit FlagKites be purchased?

There are thousands of internet retailers, and hundreds of brick and mortar flag and kite stores. There are thousands of other places like department, hardware, and sporting goods stores that sell flags. There everywhere!
What concerns are there when purchasing flags for FlagKites?
Most 3’x5’ flags will work. Lightweight, air tight flags work best. 3’x5’ flags that fit perfectly will measure 35” wide and 59” long (not counting the header). Some may be a bit larger and some smaller than that, from different lots, batches, and manufacturers. In some rare cases the flag may be too small to work. Symmetry and the dimensions being equal (within ½ inch) are very important. The best fabric is tight weave, light weight polyester (like the flag that comes with the kite) in the 75 to 150 denier range. Heavier or porous weave fabric will work, but requires more wind to fly. Some flags are two layers sewn together (double sided), which are too heavy. Panels can be custom made of various fabrics found at any fabric store and flown just like flags. Be creative!
How does the flag fit on the frame?
It’s important for the flag to be balanced and uniformly stretched across the (opened) frame, taut, but not too taut as to cause the rigging strings (on the back side of the kite) to be loose. If the flag is too big, move the clips in from the edges some, leaving a little overhang, or fold the edges to size. Feed the flag under the bridle and lay across the frame. The four corners are attached first, with the clips placed on the hem. The two clips on the header side are normally positioned just inside the header (on the flag hem), but can be placed on the header if needed. The middle top clip and middle bottom clip are attached last. Ensure the middle clips are exactly in the middle of the flag, so the spars are straight (with flag balanced on frame), or the kite may tend to fly or crash to one side. Especially the middle bottom spar not being perfectly straight will cause the kite to not fly well. Look down the middle spars from the top middle clip to the bottom middle clip and ensure they are in line with each other.
How do FlagKites open and close?
FlagKites open and close like an umbrella, but actually inverse of an umbrella. As with an umbrella, do not attempt to open and close the kite in strong wind. Open and close it indoors or in a protected area. Grasp the center hub with your thumb on the pivot barrel keep (next to shortest spar and kingpost keep screw) and index finger on opposite side of hub body. The spars, clips, flag, and bridle strings hanging down toward the ground, shortest spar and kingpost retaining screw toward your body. Shake the kite a little to ensure nothing is hung up anywhere. Grasp the rigging cap with other hand and pull up with a gentle, fluid motion. Continue until the kite opens and the kingpost is all the way up (watch to ensure the strings and flag don’t hang up on the clips). When a flag is attached, there will be some resistance as the kite springs fully open. Tighten the kingpost retaining screw. Reverse the procedure to close kite.
What is the best method to launch, fly, and retrieve FlagKites?
Pre-flight check the kite to make sure everything is O.K. (strings are not tangled or hung up on clips, flag is attached properly, etc.). Avoid damaging your kite by not flying on hard surfaces, and in too strong of wind. If the wind is too strong the kite will usually crash to one side. It’s advisable to protect your hands with gloves at all times. Launching is accomplished by letting the kite out slowly, or unwinding the fly line completely first. Have someone hold the handle while launching the kite or tie the handle to something stationary, like a fence post. Retrieve the kite from flight by grasping the fly line and walk toward the kite, bringing it down.
Do I need a tail for my FlagKite?
FlagKites fly very well without a tail. However, one can be attached to the bottom middle for added stability in strange winds, and for adornment. Windsocks make the best tails, and are available to match most flag graphics, including sports and teams.
Can I see a diagram of the clip placement?
Sure, click this link: clipchart and a chart will pop up in a new window (depending on your browser you may have to click the image to see it full size).